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Christian Growth Classes

A relationship with God is often described in the Bible as a “journey” or a “walk!”  And, though it’s a journey we must choose individually, God has provided fellowship for us along the way.  He has given us His “family” of brothers and sisters to encourage and strengthen us, and to walk side-by-side with us on the path.

A variety of small groups are offered at Emmanuel to help you in your Christian walk. These include classes conducted through the year as part of our Christian Growth & Education program. Classes meet either on Sunday morning, from 9:30-10:20 am or Wednesday evening, from 7 – 8 pm.  Come,  join us!  …and experience God’s gift of fellowship and mutual encouragement by participating in one of our Winter-Spring 2017 Christian Growth Groups.  Here’s a quick summary of our current and upcoming offerings –

Before Amen (Sundays 2/5-26, 9:30 am) – This new class is for ANYONE who wants to learn to pray or, to pray better, with more fire, faith and devotion. Max Lucado will take us on a journey to the very heart of biblical prayer, offering hope against our doubts, and confidence even for prayer wimps. (Video based.)   Click here for more info…

The Last Days of Jesus (Wednesdays 3/8-4/12, 6-7:15 pm) – This video-based “LENTEN” series provides a fantastic overview of crucial events and key locations connected to the last days of Jesus of Nazareth! (Video based.) FREE DINNER EACH NIGHT!  Click here for more info…

24 Hours That Changed the World (Sundays 3/12-4/16, 9:30 am) – Walk through the final 24 hours of Jesus’ life with a view toward the geographical and historical setting of the events on that fateful day.  This video-based journey will help both long-time Christians, and the simply curious, to understand the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

1 & 2 Peter (Wednesdays, 7 pm) – Sometime we all feel a bit like Peter Pan. We’d rather be children, living free of obligations and responsibilities. Such feelings can even break in at times upon our Christian lives. Come, learn how God leads us on paths to spiritual maturity that provide life to the fullest despite sometimes dark roads.

Believing Jesus (Women’s Bible Study – Sundays, 9:30 am) – What does it mean to believe Jesus? …not to just believe “in” Jesus, but actually believe what He said – AND, to shape our lives around that truth? Come, be challenged by stories from the Book of Acts to move from believing IN Jesus to BELIEVING JESUS fully in every area of your life!

Waiting on God in Difficult Times (Sundays, 9:30 am) – It’s an age-old question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” Get insights into this and other truths as you look at the life of a “good” man in the Bible who lost his wealth, his health, his 10 children, and his status in a single day! And, be encouraged as you’re reminded that the God Who made all creation, is mindful of you!

Hope to see you soon at one of our small groups!
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